Welcome here, this is Pierre's most ugly Page. ;-)

I was born in 1974, in France (bright eh ? No need to update "I'm xx years old" anymore and I'm too lazy to use php here).
Well, yes I like red, but I'm a little colour-blind, maybe it isn't red in the Background!
I am very megalomaniac as every Computer Scientist but I am the best, all the others have it all wrong.
If you want to see a picture of me...
Cette page en francais      See here why this page is ugly.
My Curriculum Vitae
Here will you find my CV (french only, sorry).
My interests
    A silly "How to knot a tie" page!
Favourite links
Linux page   Linux is a great operating system. 
Ti-calc Site  Ultimate page for Ti graphing calcs.
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If you want to complain, to greet me or anything else
Email me :
semicolo at ifrance.com
Just replace "at" with @, I'm trying to fight spam ;-)
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