Here are some programs I wrote:

You just love  the game Commandos, and you'd like to have the sounds ? Try ripcomm, it will read the file Wargame.dir (copy it first on the hard drive) and save each wav sound file that's in it.
The source code : ripcomm.c
A Linux elf bin : ripcomm.gz
A Win32 bin : ripcomm.exe

A stupid little prog that transforms a file into its hex codes, that you can edit with a simple text editor, and the opposite one, to turn it back into the original.
Souce : bin2hex.c and hex2bin.c

You want to become a radio-amateur ? Use learnmorse to ... learn morse !!! (you'll have to compile it first => gcc -o learnmorse learnmorse.c) My old friend David ported it into Java : LearnMorse source or LearnMorse precompiled (type "java LearnMorse" to execute). The program asks you morse codes, you can use / instead of _ to answer.

Well, well that's all now, more coming very soon!
(maybe a nice program to tune your music instrument, a metronome...)