Just a little help for desoldering a dreamcast G2 connector, click on the pictures to have a closer view, sorry for the blur, it was probably too near for my digital camera.

If, like mine, your dreamcast came with a modem and that, like me, you don't use it, why don't you desolder it to build awesome interfaces ?

First open your modem, that's easy there are only two screws. Then you slip the electronic cart out of the box and you remove the external shields.

La carte avant le début des hostilités

You still need to remove the connector shields, first the one that's parallel to the electronic board.
Just lift it slowly.

On commence a retirer le premier blindage

Here you are, next the second shield, draw its sides to free it from the locks, lift the little claws on the other sides too.

Premier blindage enlevé

Alas it becomes difficult. Next we'll desolder the connector.

Deuxième blindage retiré

The connector is surface mounted, we'll try to have it without any harm.
My advice is to be EXTREMELY patient and soft, it took me one hour and a half to get mine out of the board.

What I did was pushing aside on the connector to put pressure on the pins (to clarify I had the thumb on the connector and the other fingers on the side of the board and I was triing to close (softly !) my hand), then while maintainging pressure warming each pin one to one with a soldering iron, if you do it right, you'll hear little "clics" when the pin lifts while the solder melts. Then you switch from side to side and do it again and again and again to lift slowly the connector. After a while you should be able to use a cutter between the board and the connector to help.

On fait levier en douceur

And you keep warming the pins until they're free from the circuit. I repeat : go on slowly and softly, you've got plenty of time and it's probably your only connector left.

For the soldering newbies, secret is to clean frequently your soldering iron, use a wet sponge and cover the tip with solder to prevent it from rusting, then wipe it again.

Then if everything goes right, you'll have a connector which will allow you to build your own dreamcast hardware.

Le résultat tant attendu

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